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Kidney stone waiting game

I have recently joined the Kidney stone club with 3 Kidney stones now since November last year, two passed on their own and one required surgery with a temporary stent. The Kidney stones have been 3-6mm in size.

A few days ago I had an ultrasound done to investigate a hernia (nothing special there) and they found a new kidney stone measuring 3mm in the right kidney (all my previous kidney stones have been left).

Has anyone got any idea how long I will be waiting for this ticking time bomb of a stone to start its painful journey and does anyone know of any early warning signs that may exist to indicate that a stone may be ready to come out?

I keep some anti nausea and pain meds close by so I can be ready to stay on top of the pain when it arises.

Thanks all.
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I keep some anti nausea and pain meds close by so I can be ready to stay on top of the pain when it arises.

As far as I am aware, in your above referenced sentence, you are doing all any of us can do. I do exactly the same thing, with or without a cat scan or ultrasound showing I have any stones at that time.

I don't take a trip or travel anywhere without my pain meds close at hand because of my extensive history of stones over the past 28 years. While it's true that a 3mm stone may very well pass on its own, it's also rather likely that as it passes, you'll have some extreme pain that you'll need your pain meds for. Once you show that your body produces these nasty things, it can be anywhere from weeks to months to years before you make another one, and none of us actually knows when that next time will be.The old Boy Scout motto surely applies to all of us...BE PREPARED!
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I agree with unclebuck, you're dining all you can do. There's no real way of knowing when the stone will move into the ureter. At this countries just a waiting game. All you can do is keep your mess handy so that yay're prepared. I know exactly how you feel though, I''ve got one in each uretur currently and am waiting on 2 more to move out of my left kidney. Goodluck and drink plenty of water. You don't want that stone to get any bigger while it's hanging out in there.
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Good lord sorry for all the typos. Dumb autocorrect
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Thanks all for your feedback and support. I guess I am doing all that I can be doing and from here on out and I wait for the inevitable surprise.

The thought of the pain is almost as bad as the pain itself. However I got a great tip that mixing ibuprofen and Paracetamol taken together or just slightly apart from each other acts just like morphine to kidney stone pain. I have not had a chance to try it yet but the doctor swore by it.

Again thanks for info guys.
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