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Kidney stones - will this ever end?

Hi, my name is Cait. I'm 24 and an otherwise healthy female. Last Tuesday I was woken up out of a deep sleep from BLINDING pain in my left lower back/hips. I have scoliosis so I thought I was experiencing some muscle spasms or something, but no matter what position I got into.. the pain remained unbearable. Finally my dad rushed me to the ER where I spent 8 hours, they gave me an IV with tramadol and gravol. I had an ultrasound where ultimately they saw my left kidney was enlarged and my left ureter seemed to be blocked as no urine was visualize escaping from it. However they weren't able to see any stones. Ultimately they sent me home with morphine pills and a strainer to pee in and told me if the pain doesn't improve or worsens in a week, come back. 2 days pass and the pain improves but still haven't passed a stone, I developed a new very annoying symptom.. a very strong constant urge to urinate. I went to my family doctor as I also found some blood in my urine and he ordered another ultrasound where they saw my kidney looked less inflamed and my urine seemed to be moving from both ureters. Still no visual on any stone. It's now Sunday morning and I've been awoken by the need to pee, but also the return of some left flank pain. I'm SO frustrated, I've been drinking tons of water with lemon juice, essentially stuck on bed rest, and I'm just ready for this saga to end. Has anyone else ever had doctors fail to visualize a stone but be so certain that's what's going on?
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The short answer to your question is that in over 30 plus years of dealing with kidney stoners, NO, I have never had a situation like yours personally to deal with. In all my years, a kidney stone(s) has been found as the reason for my pain and/or blockage. At least your situation is improving somewhat with urine passing now. I am not a physician so I wouldn't want to venture a guess somewhere where I have no knowledge. If you trust your Urologist, stick with what he/she tells you and YOU ask questions as to why, etc. Please let us know how you are doing. Good Luck and I'm sorry I didn't have more I could help you with..
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