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Kidney stones? Or something more serious. CT Scan showed nothing.

I've had a constant, dull ache in my flank for nearly 6 weeks now. It came on rather suddenly, and I'm pretty sure it's not muscular. When it first began it was so painful that I went repeatedly to the doctors, who initially thought it was kidney stones, as there was a small amount of blood in my urine. I have had a kidney function blood test, which came back fine, a sample of urine was sent to the lab, which also came back fine, and I have also had a CT Scan, and again, I was told this was fine. This made everyone think that I had passed the stones.

I thought that would be the end of it, but 4 weeks later the pain in my kidney area is still constant, and I also get feelings of nausea, and dizziness (almost feeling like I've got low blood sugar). I have had a diabetes test, also fine. Now I am slightly worried that I have something more serious, especially since around the same time I was diagnosed with a varicocele in my left testicle. Now, since the pain isn't going, I'm thinking the worst, especially as there is a link between a varicocele and kidney cancer.

My question really,is could kidney cancer have slipped though the cracks of any of these tests? As my CT Scan was done without contrast.

Also should mention:
No apparent sign of infection.
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It is unlikely that you have a kidney cancer, although you are right, without contrast one cannot be 100% sure, but almost always a kidney cancer causes at least some deformity of the kidney that is apparent even on a non-contrast scan.  For a kidney cancer to cause a varicocele it would need to be big, and would have been apparent.  

Pain in the testicle can be "referred" to the flank, just like kidney pain can be referred to the testicle. I don't know if the varicocele is the problem, but it would not explain all of your symptoms.
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Hey there, I'm also going through a similar situation right now...actually last month was exactly what Iv'e went through which you mentioned above. Now almost a month has gone by and I'm clueless to what is going on...still having the massive pain and testicle issues...how are you doing?
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