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Kidney stones missed on test? Constant Bladder pain

I am a 43 year old female who got a UTI after being on antibiotics.    I also got a bacterial Vaginosis.  Both were treated, but I still had discomfort and blood in my urine.  3 weeks later, I ended up in the ER with kidney pain (first time ever).  The dr. took two CT scans in a row, a regular one and one with contrast, and didn't see any stones.  I was sent home with pain meds; however,  a day and a half later I had excruciating pain and went back in.  This time the dr. did a ultra sound and there was a stone at the uterovesical junction, on my right side.  The stone was 4 mm. Also of note is that I have a duplicate ureter system on the right side.  During this time, my urine was also tested, and it was negative for a UTI, but had calcium oxalate crystals in it.

Anyway, I then went to a urologist, who a few days later had me do a KUB to see if the stone would show up on an X-ray, and it did not.  Ten days later, I had an ultra stound, and still no stone.  A week later, I had another X-ray, and no stone.  All throughout this time, I had very mild pressure in my bladder, but that was all.  However, after the last X-ray/ultra sound, the pain began to increase, and for the next few weeks I  had constant significant chronic bladder pain.    Throughout all of these tests, etc. I kept giving urine samples and they were all negative for UTI's, but they all had calcium oxalate crystals in them.

Anyway, 3 days ago, the pain got quite bad, and so the urologist took a urine sample and also did a cystoscopy of just my bladder.  Everything was normal, no UTI, bladder looked 100% fine, but was sore on palpation.  I had crystals in my urine, but this time they were uric acid crystals.

I still have pain in my bladder.  I can urinate normally, hold my urine, empty normally, everything is 100%, except i have a content pain/pressure that feels as though I have to go to the bathroom all the time.  Its extremely wearing on me.

The doctor has now recommended doing a cystoscopy of my ureter at the uritervescual junction to see if there is a stone there that was somehow missed on the tests.  The bad thing about this is that I have to have a stent in for a week and the procedure will cause me discomfort and perhaps create even more pressure on my bladder….

So….my questions to anyone who might have an answer are:

1)  Can uric acid crystals, or calcium oxalate crystals, irritate the bladder to the degree mine is irritated?
2)   Is it possible for a stone of 4mm. to be lodged at  the uretervescular junction and not show up on both ultra sound and X-ray?  Could a lodged stone near this junction be the explanation as to why I have such significant constant pressure on my bladder?
3)  Does anyone have any other ideas of what might be causing the pain?

Thank you in advance to anyone who took the time to read this and anyone who can give me some answers!
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I aplogize to you but the answers you are seeking are beyond my knowledge. Hopefully someone else will have those answers for you.
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Thank you for reading my question, I hope someone else will have an idea!
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