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Kidney stones

I am a 32 year old female.  I've never had any severe medical problems.  I had kidney stones both times I was pregnant (stone size approximately  5mm), and had to have surgery both times to have stones removed.  I assumed stones were associated with pregnancy.  I am currently not pregnant and experiencing pain in my side.  Thought it may be stones -- no blood in urine.  IVP shows a 3 mm stone in my right kidney (even though pain was more intense at the time on the left).  I have hypothyroid and take 125 levothraxine.  When I first started the medication (approximately a year ago) it helped with my symptoms (tired, Very forgetful, sore) but after about a week, symptoms came back.  Since having kidney stones currently and knowing what they feel like not being pregnant, I can safely say that I have had stones at least 3 other times between the ages of 17 and 27 (pain at that time was diagnosed as most likely a cyst -- when pain was severe - shortly thereafter went away - they said cyst burst - i am confident that the pain was kidney stones).  
With that being said, I'm tired of getting the kidney stones (as well as the tiredness, soreness and moodiness).  Any suggestions on what should be done next??  I don't want anymore stones!!
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Try taking one Cranberry Capsule at night (10,000).
I have done this for 11 months and had no UTI's and no kidney stones since then.
I was always getting 'burning and smelly urine and no infection.
Now I get none of that and if I miss 2 night of taking them, the smelly urine is back and the slight burning.
My Doctor says that Cranberry is not toxic either and that we urinate what we dont need like most other vitamins.
Allow 3-4 days before seeing some effect.
Worth a try....
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Did they ever anlalyze any caught stones?   You can also have your parathyroids checked out completely to be certain you aren't making too much calcium.  Have they done a 24hr urine test along with bloodwork on the para's?

I have had both kidney stones and cysts burst...the bursting cyst only lasts a few mins .. hee hee .. kidney stones take weeks sometimes to resolve .. I had one in my kidney mid pole at 4.0mm and it sat there causing trouble for 2 yrs before it let go.

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I always thought childbirth was painful but found out different when I spent 3 days passing a stone!
To see me on hands and knees coming out of the toilet in agaony is not a sight anyone would want to see lol.
I'll never forget the pain though......it was horrific.
Since then I have had no problems so I assume they have burst as they dont show up on an kidney ultrasound anymore.
I knew I had mine for a few years before they passed.
I have had my Parathyroids checked and was actually deficient in my bloods so know that they arent from that.
Maybe its all those years I drank Coca Cola...they say the acid can cause stones too.
I stopped drinking soft drink the day I found out what Aspartme does lol.
Thank Gawd!
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thank you all for the advice.  I will try these things.  I am definitely tired of these stones!  Hope to figure out something!  I am having blood work done to check out the parathyroid as well as my calcium levels.  
I think I will try the cranberry pills!  Can't hurt, right! :-)
thanks again!
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I swaer by the cranberry capsules Shel.
If I miss a few days I end up with the bloating and a slight burning.
I have suffereed with UTI's most of my life but have had none since being on the Cranberry Capsules.
You can get them in the 10,000+ strength or the 15,000+ strength.
I stuck to the 10,000+ strength as a maintanance dose.
It says take 1-2 capsules a day but I only take 1 at night.
Mine are made by Bio-Organics and cost about AU$13.00 for a bottle of 90.
Whatever you dont need in your body, you pee out.lol
My Doc said that these cannot cause toxicity with prolonged use.
They are a 'booster' for those who suffer with UTI's.
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I can sympathize!  I got kidney stones while pregnant too!  It was terrible.  I though I was having a tubal pregnancy or something.  I never dreamed being a 25 year old female, I was having a kidney stone!  I finally passed it or get it settled after several days of hurting and had no other problems while pregnant.  I got another one though after my baby was around 6 months old and it was terrible again!  The urologist wanted to fish it out and I ran, walked, bounced, drank a ton of water and finally passed it too!  Those things are terrible!
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