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Left kidney fullness

What causes kidney fullness with no sign of stones but on and off pain on the flank left sode andomin below ribcage and inbetween ahoulder blades pain oh and sometimes when i urinate i feel like im not uet finish bit nothing comes out
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? If there is no sign of stones in imaging studies, this could be due to dilation of the central part of the kidney or may also be associated with possible infection in the urinary tract.  It is best that you discuss the result with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Hi no other symptoms
What causes dialation on the center oart of the kidney?
I will have a ct scan of tje kidney on sat. Will keep you posted
Tnx so mich for your reply
God bless
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How was your CT scan? This could be due to possible infection as well as inflammation and may need to be evaluated further. Imaging studies such as CT scan may indeed very helpful in determining the underlying cause. Let us know how it goes. Take care always.
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hello  heres my ct result
inephric spaces are unremakable. the urinary bladder us distended with no intraluminal masses
both kidneys show normal sizes and positions with tge right kidney measuring 11 x 4.9 x 5.2cm and the left kidney  measuring 11.6 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm 0.1 cm calcification is seen in the inferior pole of the right kindney no renal parenchmal lesions are detected. the pelvocaluceal system and ureters are not dialated. the perinephric spaces unrmakable. the urinary bladder is distended with no intraluminal or mucosal irregularities noted.

the included liver shows homogeneous parenchyma. no focal masses or dialeted ducts are detected
the gallbladder is grossly unremakable
the pacnreas is normal in size and densoty. the main pancreatic ducts are not dialated
the visualized spleed and adremal gland are unremakble. a splenuie is likewise noted

the stomach and the rest of the bowes; are not unsual. the mesentry is not thickened. several subcentimeter lymph nodes are seen, a non specific finding. nor enlarge retroperitoneal or pelvic lymphnodes seen. no ascited detected

no abnormalitites are detected within the uterus and adnexa. no mass lesions or abnormal fluid collections noted

the lumbar spine is straightened. the intra-abdominal vasculaure, abdomoinopelvic muscle and the rest of the osseous structures are unremakable

subsegmental atelectasis is noted in the left lung base


punctates non- obstructing nephrolithiasis, right
no radiopaquae urolithiasis on the left side
no hydronephrosis
straightend lumbar iordosis

thats the ct scan result if you can explain it all to me that would be wonderful
here are some of my concern

is the lymhnodes that are seen in the mesentry a concern? what could be causing it

what is a subssegmental atelectasis in the left lung base
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