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Lithotripsy experience

I had this procedure on Jan 5th 2014 for three stones in the left kidney. 1 the size of my thumb length and width and the other 2 the size of the tips of my fingers. The actual post procedure was painful, a bunch of blood on the day of, but that quickly subsided by the next day. Been slamming down 72oz of water or more everyday for the last 5 + years. After the stent was yanked the gravel flowed out rather easily. 5 times of really loose and considerable amount. Really surprised me with the minimal pain involved in these passing. Some where the size of the head of a ball point pen. Really I had a most remarkably easy time of this whole procedure. I am feeling of incredibly good health now!
My first recollection of a stone passing was back from 1992, and that dropped me to my knees. I had no idea that is what happened then. Fast forward to 2000 bad infection and another stone passed. 4 years agao another one did and this one clanked in the stool. I have passed 4 since that time. Did not want to even entertain I had a real problem though. Pain got very bad though about 3 years ago. At that time till this procedure I had increasing bouts of stabbing, brutal pain. flank to groin. Night time was especially bad.
My question is, after such a large amount of debris and the size of the stones, what is the chances of these recurring? Calcium oxalate are the type. I have the diet requirements to help reduce my risk.
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I understand your concern regarding this and kidney stones. Recurring kidney stones is indeed possible especially with your history. Risk factors such as not drinking enough fluids, family history, gender, presence of co-morbid conditions, consuming a high-protein, high-sugar, high-sodium, low-fiber diet diet and even certain types of medications may be contributory.  
Cutting out calcium from your diet is usually not recommended, unless your intestine absorbs too much dietary calcium. It is best that you talk to your attending physician also about this for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
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i have 4.5 mm stone in left kidney....thats need surgery?
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Did they do a 24hr urine test?  That helps define the levels of more than just oxalates.  Also, they may want to do some imaging studies to rule out any type of anomaly for these big, recurring stones. Parathyroid tests, too.  

I'm one of the community leaders over on the MSK Medullary Sponge Kidney community -- http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Medullary-Sponge-Kidney-Disease-MSK-/show/256
and have heard stories similar to yours.  You may want to stop by

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