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Long history of kidney stones.

I am a 60 yr old female with extensive history of kidney stones since 1978 (before lithotrypsy), recurrent infections & blood in urine.  I am prone to both calcium stones & uric acid stones.  First kidney stone was size of a walnut & could not pass so was removed by actual surgery.  Over the yrs I experienced more stones that would not pass so more surgeries.  Have developed scar tissue in both ureters & have had 2 stents.  Extreme pain so stent removal.  Continue to develop stones.  Urologist retired.  Now more stones & new urologist.  To my shock, new urologist  actually said my history was "BS".  Had exploritory surgery 9/14.  Discovered several 3mm stones in both kidneys & my right kidney appears "mangled" but no explanation or treatment.  I have chronic back pain & blood in urine.  Doc says this is impossible & more "BS".  CT Scan on 8/11/15 showed a small stone in both ureters.  Doc gave pain & nausea meds & said I would pass stones.  I have never been able to pass stones.  He says more "BS".  Went to ER on 8/25/15.  CT Scan again showed stones in ureters.  Gave meds & follow up with doc.  At doc appt, was told only 1 CT Scan available & showed stones still in kidneys.  I explained ER visit results & doc stated "not possible & no pain/nausea possible".  Scheduled me for ureteroscopy, laser litho & stents on 9/10/15.  Doc does not believe my pain & I am furious.  I see no need for more exploritory & do not have confidence that doc has my best interest.  Still in constant pain & no meds or relief.  PLEASE ADVISE ASAP!!

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Sorry - SuniDazesm - adition to my post - Experienced thyroidecyomy in 2001 plus now so many probs, am unable to work & on Disability.  My HBP is not controlled (178/121 avg) even though on approx 5 HBP meds.  Cardiologist thinls all due to kidney issues but urologist says "no".  In constant pain, all vit levels depleted & feel miserable.  PEASE HELP!!
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OK gal, I'm a 69 year old male with many, many years of kidney stone history too, so we've got that in common. I had to have surgery too to remove my first stone because it was so big and went the stent route at that time and one other time too. Over the last 35 plus years and all the stones I've had, most of my stones have passed on their own however. In the Spring of 2014 however I had an experience with misread cat scans and misdiagnosed kidney stones that caused me months of pain and a urine stream that at times was what looked like pure blood.  All of that took place at a VA Hospital and I finally had enough! I did what I recommend you do and I CHANGED DOCTORS and got the proper treatment. In my case, I went to a civilian Urologist and had the necessary surgery to remove the THREE stones that were causing me those problems. Most all of my treatment at the VA has been great, but this episode really was bad and later they admitted they misread my cat scan and should have done a different treatment regiment. YEAH!! YA THINK!! Anyway, go to another doctor immediately. This new one of yours sounds like he/she doesn't know what they are doing and get yourself another opinion!!
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