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Maybe something wrong with kidneys?

So first of all I am diagnosed with about 5-10 UTI's a year BUT I never have any of the typical symptoms (burning, freguency etc..) sometimes the infection goes to my kidneys before I catch it. Also in this past year I have had BV, a yeast infection and Group B strep and was hospitalized due to a 6.5mm kidney stone. I have a dull ache in my kidney areas (both sides) that comes and goes & i constantly feel nauseous. When I did a 24hr urine collection I noticed my urine had tons of white pulp-like particles in it..? Anyone know what might be wrong with me? It seems like there has to be an underlying issue causeing such frequent problems in that region
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A complete evaluation is necessary for determining the cause of your repeated UTIs. Recurrent UTIs may be due to the ability of bacteria to attach to cells lining the urinary tract. Women who are nonsecretors of certain blood group antigens are also more prone to recurrent UTIs since the cells lining the vagina and urethra allow bacteria to attach more easily. UTIs are common in females compared to men due to several anatomic factors. The risk factors for recurrent UTI in females are sexual intercourse, use of spermicidal products, having a first UTI at an early age, and having a maternal history of UTIs. Most common causes are stones in kidney, changing sexual partners frequently, pregnancy, diabetes and childhood infections. The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction. Inherited factors may be related to recurrent UTIs in few females. Drink plenty of water. Continuous or post-coital prophylaxis with low-dose antimicrobials or intermittent self-treatment with antimicrobials may be helpful in managing recurrent uncomplicated UTIs in women. You may discuss this possibility with your urologist. Further evaluation may be necessary if your urologist is suspecting structural and anatomic abnormalities of the urinary tract. Do keep us posted on how you are doing.
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