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Multiple stones and pregnancy

I've had three stones pass over five yrs the last two within the past two and one having to be removed by surgery after blocking my bladder one yr ago during the ct scan I was told I had three on my left side and multiple on the right. I am now 30 wks pg and have been hospitalized once for the stones but they are still showing up in my kidney but from the pain I know it's kidney stone pain not something else I'm wondering if having two ureter on the right side or just the pg that's causing the excessive pain. I will be seeing a urologist as soon as baby is born but told nothing they can do unless I get a blockage again until after baby
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. A kidney with two ureters is referred to as a duplex kidney and can have two separate pelvicalyceal systems. Unless there is an infection or stone, this is unlikely to cause any pain. The pain due to renal colic is typical. It occurs as episodes of pain recurring in nature. The pain is spasmodic in nature as the ureter is trying to push through the obstruction, which is usually a renal stone. So, if you are experiencing this pain, you may need to consult your doctor at the earliest or go to the ER.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thx for your response I have passed one of the stones in the hospital a few days ago still have another in my right ureter and a 7mm in my right kidney and several small stones 35 wks pg now and they are going to induce me in two weeks due to the kidney stones causing contractions and wanting me to have lithotripsy after her birth. I was told I wouldn't be able to pass the 7mm stone without intervention what are my chances with that they said its in the middle of the kidney.
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From what I understand the larger they are, the less likely they will pass on their own but I've spoken with some who pass stones that large!  >5.0mm it dramatically lessens (the % that pass on their own) but sometimes they can.  Maybe it's embedded deep in the kidney and that's why they are considering litho and/or it's causing issues.

I had uteroscopy/litho done on a 3.0mm stone mid-ureter.  I guess size plays a large part but there are always those on both sides of the coin who make up the odds for and against.

Sounds like you have a great team of doctors looking out for you and your baby!  

How are you and your baby doing now?  It's been awhile since you posted.

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