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Natural Remedies for high uric acid and calcium?

Has anyone been successful using natural remedies such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in lowering urine calcium and uric acid levels? After several episodes of gross hematuria it was determined that I have bilateral stones.  A 24 hr urine test showed elevated calcium and uric acid. I was placed on potassium citrate and hydrochlorothiazide but the medicines have horrific side effects. Also, has anyone experienced elevated blood glucose levels and elevated LFT's after taking these medications?
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There are people who definitely claim that both the lemon juice and apple cider help them, however I can not say that either one has helped me at all. In reading many articles, I have also found that various and numerous physicians state that neither will do any good with regard to kidney stones. I guess if it works for you then it is good and if it doesn't work, it's definitely not that good. As I said, for me neither one has any positive affects but neither one can hurt you either so I can't see where it would hurt anyone to try one or both of those, in moderation of course.
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