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Need some advice, Uncle Buck?

Hey all, need a little bit of advice from fellow frequent kidney stoners bc i am the queen of self doubt lol. I just want to know what you would do if you were me. At the moment I don't have transportation or phone service. I have access to a phone and rides in the evenings but not during regular office hours. Ive been experiencing constant aching in my left kidney along with intermittent colicky episodes which of course isn't unusual for me bc I always have stones passing. But the constant aching has me concerned that I have another big obstructing stone, I can't even get comfortable at night because of the pressure and aching. I don't have anyone to babysit during normal radiology hours at the hospital until the first week of august so I have a ct scheduled for then. Problem is Im worried It might not be wise to wait that long??? I already have damage in that kidney from my last major obstructive episode and it has me a little on edge. Im contemplating going to the er at night when my mother can watch my kids, 2 toddlers so absolutely no way I can take them with me. I just don't want to over react and waste everyones time, I completely realize that the er is for emergencies and I feel guilty for using it just to get a ct if theres no imminent health issue. I just don't know  if its justifiable or not. Im worried its an over reaction on my part and (a) don't want to look stupid, (b) don't want to waste everyones time for nothing. So just wondering what you would do in my situation. I would call my urologist but don't have a phone and don't usually hear back when I use my patient portal account.
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Hi kittens. So very sorry to hear that you're having this round of possible stone problems. You've asked for opinions and advice and I'll answer you as bluntly as I can with my opinion. GET YOUR BUTT TO THE ER ASAP!!

Who cares if someone THINKS you're being foolish? "Someone, whoever that may be is NOT in your shoes with this problem! The continued pain you are experiencing and the mental anguish from worry that you're having, in my opinion, together outweigh any other considerations and especially someone else's thinking you may "look" foolish! Besides, if "someone" is that ignorant, who cares what they think anyway!?  Oh, and obviously I don't think you are "over reacting" or "wasting everyone's time" either!

If it were me in your position right now, I'd be marching my behind down to the ER tonight to get this all checked out and KNOW for sure what is going on! It'll be better for your physical health, your mental health and ultimately for those two little toddlers to have a much more relaxed momma caring for them too.  

The worst thing that can happen is that you find out that you don't have another huge blockage, doing more damage to an already damaged kidney, and then that heavy worry weight will lifted from your shoulders. You'd also probably know what is then causing you your discomfort so it can be addressed medically too.

Good Luck kittens and PLEASE let us know whats what.
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Hey, I haven't been on in a while but wanted to thank you for your advice which I did heed. I went to the er and was found to have 3 stones partially obstructing my ureter. None are big but together are a problem. I have my lithotripsy scheduled for tomorrow afternoon assuming I still haven't passed them. Certainly doesn't feel like it lol. Just wanted to say thanks again for the great advice!
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You are VERY WELCOME and I'm glad you went to the ER and determined what was causing you this problem. PLEASE let us know how you make out  after your procedure. Good Luck!!
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