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Nephrectomy due to stones

One month ago I went into the hospital with severe pain on my right back side and abdomen and my stomach was distended to what appeared to be a full term pregnancy. Upon getting cats can it was revealed that my rt kidney was extremely enlarged and full of fluid with calculus  stag horn stones measuring over 2inches.  At first the plan was to drain the kidney and break up the huge stones. After having a kidney function test, well it was discovered that my rt kidney had no function at all and needed to be removed. It was described as a huge beachball about to explode. I had kidney removed along with gall bladder. They actually removed over 7 liters of pus and fluid. It was over 30lbs lost. I am now recovering and waiting I heal so that in a month I can go back and have stones removed from left kidney (those are not as big and will be done through lithroscopy). Anyway I just had my first menstrual period after surgery and the pain is like nothing I've ever felt before and I'm bleeding profusely . Does anyone know if this is normal? I'm quite scared .
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I wish I could say I had some knowledge to answer your question, but on the subject you asked about, I have none.  I wish you the best since you've obviously been through a great deal already, with more to come. From the symptoms you've described though, I'd strongly suggest that you contact your personal physician immediately and discuss what you are experiencing with him/her.
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