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Not sure what my symptoms mean. Kidney issues?

So based on symptoms and the research I've done, I either have bladder/kidney stones/infection of some sort or an STD.

So let's just start with the symptoms,

Pain/discomfort in right side towards back, the most noticeable of all related symptoms of pain/discomfort
Pain/discomfort in lower back though not as often
Pain/discomfort in lower stomach
Pain/discomfort in my groin what feels like testicles
I am nausea often
I tend to gag and dry heave. I notice it after I eat or of I am doing any kind of heavy lifting. Rarely do I vomit but it has happened and it's only on small amounts. I cough then that leads to the dry heave or I just straight up gag.

Now this is what makes me nervous of an STD.. I get random, not consistent, flashes of an itch inside my penis or some sort of tingling feeling that isn't well I guess normal. I tend to check myself when I do get that and I do seem to be able to get some discharge from my penis. It's usually clear or whiteish. No pain while urinating.

None of the pain symptoms are crippling or hinders me from doing anything, although i do need to stop to rest from it but they are noticeable. They are worse when I am working either too vigorously or lifting things.

So what can this be? Is it multiple things maybe?
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ADDITION INFO: I believe I had this scare which I thought was an STD some years back. I went to an STD clinic, they said they found some "infection" but didn't know what it was. I had my partner checked, she had no signs of any kind of infection and she was told that maybe my symptoms where from something besides an STD. I guess i felt like I was safe from an STD at that point. Mind you,the clinic gave me a couple different antibiotics that didn't seem to help. The "Discharge" eventually cleared and now I THINK the same issue is back but do STD symptoms come and go like that or is it something else? The discharge isn't consistent like I said and it's  been years since I was worried about it.
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If I were you my friend, I'd go see my physician. What symptoms you are experiencing would appear to me to be something more, or different from, just a kidney stone. Although one or two of your symptoms do come with having a kidney stone, your other symptoms do not. I'd let my physician check things out and determine exactly what it is you are dealing with. Your discharge problem sends up all kinds of red flags that it is not a kidney stone. Good luck.
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I feel like I'm overstating the penile itching and discharge. While I am concerned about it, it's hard to assess it. It's not something that I get on a consistent basis like if I am just laying around. It also seems to be connected to the other symptoms. For example, if I feel pain in stomach and side while exerting myself or moving around a lot, I will get that sudden feeling in the penis then when I go check myself, I squeeze the discharge out. Of course probably still not good but just wanted to be clear of the extend of it.
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BG5, I agree with UB. get to a urologist, and maybe get a C-scan. If you were not that concerned you would not bother to post. Get it checkout...
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Oh I have. My doctor took urine and blood samples, although I am not sure what he is checkkng for. I don't like just sitting around and waiting though. He said he may do a scan (forgot what kind) if he doesn't find anything or finds something that would suggest getting a better look with a scan.
OK good, urine & blood test will show a lot of things, but AFAIK it will not confirm kidney stones. You will need a ultra scan or better yet a CT scan that will show more detail & cover a larger area.
Well nothing came back positive or abnormal in any way from the urine and blood tests so gonna get a CT Scan
Good, be sure and let us know how the CT scan turns out....
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CT scan showed nothing wrong.. I'm clueless now to what might be wrong
I thought the CT scan would tell the story. Thanks for the update, it help some one else reading this forum..
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I have a colonoscopy scheduled now but it's almost 2 months out. I was tested for gonorrhea, chylmadia and syphilis. All negative. I might do more STD testing just to rule it out
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