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Pain Management Dr for Kidney Stones????

Ok everyone, i need some advice and maybe personal experiences. Back in july i posted about having several stones in my left kidney one of which was 8 mm and also one in that ureter and one in the right kidney. Well after over a month of flomax and massive amounts of water i had another x-ray which showed 9 stones in my left kidney the largest measuring 4 mm. Nothing in the ureters so i passed the 3 mm in the left and the one in the right it just took FOREVER lol. So I'm guessing that my 8 mm stone broke into more pieces? I don't see any possible way i could of passed n 8 mm stone, so thats what I'm assuming. Now I'm in the process of passing more stones and my urologist gave me one last rx for flomax and norco and has referred me to a pain management dr. Im not too thrilled with it because i don't know if this is going to be a truly long term problem once i pass the stones i have now and Ive never heard of someone seeing a dr like this for kidney stone pain. Although i completely understand my urologist feeling more comfortable not prescribing pain meds possibly long term. My question is do any of you see a pain management dr for pain related to kidney stones? Ive gotten stones for the last 18 years but they used to come about anywhere from once or twice a year with one 3 year gap of no stones which was heavenly. Now since novemeber they seem to forming rapidly. Is this any indication that this may continue to be a frequent problem or could this just be a flukish year? My urologist doesn't seem to have any real idea so i was looking for personal experiences. Also for anyone who sees a pain management dr what is done exactly? My first appt is 4 weeks away, will he need a current x-ray? I'm kind of lost and don't know what to expect. Thanks in advance to anyone with any insight!
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oops i mistyped it feels like 18 years ;) but its only been 14 that I've had them
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Read my post and buy the Kidney Stone Handbook.  You can have treatment to stop stones from forming. .. if you find the right urologist.

You have to have a lab test called a 24 urine test done... this tells the composition of the stones which does change over time  Also some urologists will order this test but don't really understand how to interpret it... depending on where you live a nephrologist may be able to help you.

There are medications and several special diets that can help depending on the type of stones.. there were 4 or maybe 5 types with 3 being the most common.

All of this is in the book.

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