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Poor Communication from Dr.

My husband suffered from lower back pain for years.  After seeing blood in his urine, he was finally convinced to see the doctor who diagnosed a 12mm kidney stone in his left kidney (even though his pain is centered in the right side).
After diagnosis, the urologist insisted a stent was necessary because the kidney was not properly draining.  At this point my husband had no issues urinating.
After stent placement, the urologist stated that his pain should reduce and he can stop taking prescribed pain meds. But urination has been horrific.  I hear my husband cry out in pain and he must sit to urinate because his knees buckle.  He states that it feels like something pulling downward on his left kidney when he urinates. The doctor insists the pain is normal.
The following week my husband has EWSL to break the stone and the stent was left in place.  He felt good for two days but never passed any fragments.  Suddenly pain returned along with the passing of large bloot clots (larger than a quarter).  Again doctor said the pain and clots were normal.  Husband's urine turned dark brown, presumably from bleeding.  All normal according to the doctor.
The doctor told my husband he could return to work the day after surgery, but he's so miserable he can barely get off the couch.  At this point, the pain is so bad my husband doesn't want to wake up each day and dreads urinating!

Anyone experience similar issues with stent and EWSL?
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If this was happening to me.  I would go to the emergency room.  Something
isn't right.  Blood clots the size of quarters is something to have looked at.
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Honestly and unfortunately everything your describing sounds normal with a stent with the exception of the large blood clot. Ive had 2 stents in the past and they can be pretty miserable. I imagine its worse for a man. Im 3 weeks post litho and am still getting dark brown urine from time to time. I had small blood clots also but only for a couple of days post procedure. When is his dr planning on stent removal? I had mine out 6 days after litho and felt soooo much better. Maybe he can ask to have it removed now? If he's in so much pain its probably not worth it to keep it in. He has my sympathies, this can be an absolute miserable process sometimes.
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Your husband definitely had a large stone and I've only had one stent many years ago but didn't have any major problems with, or because of, it.
The brown blood is rather normal but the size of those blood clots of not something I've heard about before. Clots yes, just not quite that large. Has the Doctor told your husband, or given him any idea, how long it will be before hubby is back to a normal normal? An additional ct scan might be called for if this continues much longer, just to check and make sure all is proceding as it should following the procedure. As one who has had many of these kidney stones over the years, and two different procedures during that time to remove the stones, I can't remember suffering as your hubby is doing that many after the procedures were completed or from a stent. I wish your hubby the best and will be praying for his complete recovery. Please let us know how he is doing because we really do care.
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