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Prevention of Kidney Stones - will a changed diet help?

I have have 4 bouts with calcium kidney stones.  My doctor has told me that I can prevent kidney stones by changing my diet to exclude foods that are high in calcium and oxalate such as dairy, Coca Cola, chocolate, peanuts, vegetables and tea, however she did not tell me what foods are GOOD for kidney stones.  Can you help me with a few suggestions?

Thanks for your help
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Calcium oxalate is the most common type of kidney stone, and diet definitely influences your stone risk.  Dietary advice is most accurately given after checking the urine chemistry while you eat your normal diet to see what is abnormal. If the oxalate is high, you would want to limit high oxalate foods like you have listed etc.  

Dietary prevention is MOSTLY linked to increasing fluids, because the more urine you make, the more dilute the things like calcium and oxalate are in your urine and the less likely they are to form crystals which then form stones.  Citrate and potassium are also good for prevention and can be found mostly in fruits.  Lemonade is a way to both increase citrate and increase fluids.
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