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Reoccurring Kidney Stones and possible cause?

I had what I think was my first kidney stone back in January 2015 just after my 19th birthday, I say that I think it was my first one as I had never thought about any previous abdominal pain as being a stone and I only knew I had a kidney stone then because I had multiple scans in hospital as doctors were looking for the cause of my kidney infection. I had surgery to break up the 6mm stone and had a stent put in that I had to remove myself the day after surgery, I made a full recovery. I used to take antacids quite often between September 2013 to June 2014 during my exams and I've not touched them since, after realising that they could have been the cause.

However, earlier this week (29th September 2015) I was back in hospital with a kidney infection caused by a blockage by a 7mm stone. I had surgery again and a stent put in but this time they couldn't remove the stone until the infection had been reduced otherwise I would have been at risk of sepsis, I'm going back for surgery to have the stone removed in around 3 weeks.

Talking to my doctor about how these are becoming regular and how I can't keep spending almost a week in hospital every 9 months, he mentioned something about different types of stones and has asked my GP to do blood tests to check for this. My GP is based in my university town and is a few hours drive away but I'm torn in that whilst I'm recovering I can't really get there but I want to know I'm okay and that getting stones will be more manageable.

I've done some further research into the different types of stones and what they can be caused by and something stood out; we have a long history of thyroid problems (hypo and hyper) that comes from my mother's maternal and paternal side (and includes my mother). My maternal grandfather also has also had kidney stones once that he managed passed his without it causing an infection. Also my mother has a high uric acid level, but has never had any symptoms caused by it.

I am overweight and in the past 4 years I have gained around 50kg (around 110lb) without changing my diet, apart from the past 3 months - I have been doing the 5:2 diet and have just been gaining weight, even though I'm exercising around 3 times a week.

I know that when researching online its easy to see a list of symptoms and say you have all them and self diagnose yourself with some crazy or rare disease and I'm desperately trying to avoid assuming things, but I would find it helpful if anyone has been through or knows of something similar and how they managed or just any general advice on living with kidney stones and how to reduce the affects.

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I would get it analyzed so you can see what it's made out of. You need to know so you can focus on staying away from those things.
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Hello and Welcome,

I'm very sorry to hear about your kidney stones, especially so as you are do young. They can be so very painful.

First of all kidney stones are more apt to produce pain in your flank than in your abdominal area - however you can have both. My pain is always located in my flank and sometimes in my groin. I've passed too many stones to count. The last one that was measured (and I passed) was well over 6mm. They said I'd never pass it and sent me home for the weekend with an urgent appt made for that Monday. Hah! I passed it 36hrs later. So don't be surprised if your body at least tries to pass the stone before you are seen in 3 weeks.

As to what causes them - the best way to determine that is to have the stone actually analyzed. I too have taken lots of antacids. Lab's reveal my Uric Acid in high.

If you've been doing research you know that some stones are not related to intake. I have those types of stones. So it may not matter what your intake either. Have a stone analyzed.

I have found nothing to relieve the pain of passing a stone. I can't offer you any advice in that area. Sorry.

Kidney stones run in my family too. My mom has had multiple stones and infections. Her's are not related to intake either. We do not have thyroid issues - her Uric Acid was not elevated but of course that doesn't mean it can't or doesn't apply to you.

I wish you luck - and encourage the stone analysis. Please let us know what you discover.

Best of Luck,
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I think you may be looking for one, simple, answer but that answer may not be available. First, I would suggest that after your next surgery, you have your Urologist send the kidney stone off to a lab and have it analized. That will tell you what your stone is primarily made of. For example, in my case, many years ago I had one of my stones sent to a lab and found that my stones are primarily made up of iron and calcium. As a result, since I live out in a rural area, with well water that is high in iron content, I DO NOT drink the water from my water well and I drink bottled water. My body does not absorb calcium or throw it off like others do, so I do not take vitamins with calcium added, beyond the normal daily requirements. Until I found out those lab results, I could have 2 stones at a time. Even though I've been taking certain precautions as I've mentioned, it has NOT stopped my getting kidney stones however and I just get them less frequently than before. I've had several well qualified Urologists tell me honestly that once you have a kidney stone, the chances are that your body will continue to make them, although the frequency will differ from person to person. Generally, if you'll drink lots of WATER daily and keep your urine a very clear color, you'll help yourself have them less frequently too.

I do not have some of the health issues that you have as I'm slightly under weight and I'm quite a bit older than you, by 50 years. I didn't start getting stones until I was in my 40's, but if I was your age, I sure would talk to my physician and do all I could do to at least cut down on the number of stones my body would produce, IN ANY WAY I HAD TO. Research, the testing of your next stone, and talking with your physician should help you accomplish this. That's advice from someone who has had upwards of 35-40 stones to date and still counting. Good Luck and please let us know how you are doing.    
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