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Stone in Kidney of my wife

Hi, My wife had stone in her kidney. About 15mm. She was operated by laser machine (Laser Session to break stone) 3 times in General Hospital and her some stone was released while some is still in her kidney about 5mm to 6mm. Now the problem is that she is pregnant and can't bear another laser session and I think its harmful for baby too (Its 4th month of pregnancy), she is bearing kidney pain after every 1 or 2 days. Is there a medicine or solution that her stone be released or at least her pain is finished?
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Have you approached her doctor about going in and just getting that 5-6mm stone that's left? It would be outpatient surgery, but not being an MD myself, I don't know the pros and cons regarding that procedure during pregnancy. Is your wife on Flomax? Nothing I know of will relieve that pain except removal of the remaining stone unless it passes on its own. Again though, I am not an MD and I would suggest further consultation with her treating physician to discuss the questions you've posed in here. He/she would/should have the answers you're wanting. Obviously pregnancy is tough enough without this additional pain every 2 days. Set up that appt with her MD ASAP.
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I can definitely sympathize with you wife. I had a large kidney stone my last pregnancy that was found on u/s at the14 weeks. You're right lithotripsy is not an option during pregnancy. Has she seen a urologist? I've heard of women having stents played during pregnancy
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Sorry I hit submit too soon. As I was saying I have heard of stents being placed during pregnancy to alleviate pressure and help stores pass but in my experience a stent is painful so I don't know how realistic that would be long term. Also I don't know if that would help either. Honestly the most you can do in this situation is manage the pain until she has the baby and the stone can be taken care of. Has her Dr prescribed painkillers? There's no reason she has to be in pain, as long as taken as prescribed painkillers can be safe during pregnancy. My Dr prescribed tylenol 3's but I kbiw other women have taken norco during pregnancy as well. I took roughly 20-30 tylenol 3's a month and my little man is perfectly healthy. Talk to her Dr but this is one instance in which the benefits outweigh the risks in my opinion. Extreme pain puts a lot of physical stress on the body and that's not particularly good for baby.
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