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The kidney stone is destroying me, HELP

I have been having this kidney stone for a year, it is 6 mm, I took many medications but none helped me, the pain is killing me. The doctor told me it is not supposed to hurt but it does the pain brings tears into my eyes, I do not know what to do ... I read that it xan cause bad breaths because i am habibg BB for two months, it is embarrasing. Because of this stone I can not do an activity or something..... Please help meeee it is killing me :-(
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You can try flushing it out by drinking things like apple cidar vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice and LOTS of water daily. But you may need to have it broken up (lithotripsy) or surgically removed through your naval.
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In my searches, I have read that Magnesium supplementation will dissolve kidney stones. and also gall stones.
Please search Magnesium and Kidney stones
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I had a 6 mm kidney stone which took 2 months for me to pass. I tried all the recommended solutions on the internet like Lemon juice, Asparagus and coke mixture,Beer, Ayurvedic tablets and Homeopathy. The thing that worked for me is the WATER MELON. I used to finish one big water melon in two days. I did it for one whole month and the stone moved from upper ureter to lower ureter in 15 days and I used to go to the restroom more frequently and last friday without any trouble, I passed it.
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