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Third stone this year, will someone please shoot me???

Started last Thanksgiving Day, well actually two months before. I had a 5 cm stone that got stuck in the ureter. After two months, it moved one inch so they operated and took it out. A month ago, I had a 3 cm that passed relatively easily, not too painful. Now my urine is brown, my kidney is killing me, and the 10cm stone is working it's way out of my left kidney. This one will have to be taken out almost immediately so my kidney doesn't swell from urine backup. It hurt so bad last night I couldn't get comfortable, so then I took some oxycodone I had left from the previous kidney stone and it gave me one of the worst headaches I have had in my life. My right temple was so bad I could feel my heart beating. The pain was so excruciating between the two I got very sick. Finally, after ibuprofen and an aspirin, I feel asleep for a few hours. The surgery itself isn't too bad, until the first few times you urinate after. Where they pull the stone out it's very tender and hurts quite bad for half a day or so. The nurses would run and grab a shot of dilaudid and pump it in. Wow is that stuff strong. Works like a charm. I have one more stone in my right kidney that is a mere 2 cm, so it should pass on it's own without too much pain. Of course it depends on the shape, consistency, and type. So far they have all been Calcium Stones, so I expect the rest are too. On top of all of this I have late stage Lyme's Disease, untreated, and am Bipolar. Good times :)))))
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Kidney stones can be or are caused by too much calcium and lack of Magnesium> Since you are researching. I'd like to direct you to Search Magnesium and kidney stones. This is one sign of lack of Mg, also included are: bipolar symptoms, mood swings, anxiety and hundreds more., Dr Carolyn Dean's book is amazing. The Magnesium Miracle.. It will help you understand your symptoms and you will be amazed at what problems lack of Mg can cause. Youtube is another good source for searching on Magnesium, several clinicians have recorded reports and findings. Also make sure to take note of oral magnesium replacement and transdermal Mg at the same time. Oral Mg takes 6 to 12 months before it would build up enough in your system, while transdermal Mg will work instantly but you have to spray it on frequently. I got used to it. I use both but oral replacement is much simpler eventually. I have put my whole household, friends and family on Mg supplementation. You probably will end up doing the same once you do your research. Its best to get the books too. They have further info that won't be on line nor on Youtube.  
The other book is "Transdermal Magnesium" by Dr. Mark Sircus...
There is hope :) I promise .. Start your trip to good health and good luck.
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You seem to be having recurrent kidney stones. Eating a high-protein, low-fiber diet, high vitamin D levels, overactive parathyroid glands, family history of kidney stones, kidney or urinary infections, Crohn’s disease all can cause kidney stones repeatedly. It is suggested to be screened for above mentioned disorders. Consult a nephrologist and take treatment as advised. The size and location of stone will help in deciding the exact course of management. Do keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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How are you doing?  It's July 10 and I just happened upon your post.

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Thanks for the info and concern. I know I actually have low vitamin D, my doctor is after me to take supplements, and I don't have Crohn's Disease or urinary infections, so I believe I have the overactive parathyroid glands. In fact, in the area of those glands I have been having some pretty bad pain on and off. I need to get it checked out because I know that tumors in these glands can also cause stones. As it turned out, I got the two stones left in my body mixed up and actually the smaller one of the two passes. After one agonizing night of kidney and stomach and groin pain, brown urine, etc. the pain started to ebb. Two days later, no blood and the pain is gone. I never went to the doctor, I just called him up and had him pull up my last CT scans and he told me it was only a 2 mm one, so it would pass relatively quickly. It did, thankfully. Two days and it was gone. Now the one before it was just over 5 mm, it left my kidney and went into the ureter about three inches and stayed there (it moved maybe one inch) for the next 8 plus weeks. The pain would come and go, as would the blood. Finally my Urologist admitted it wasn't going to pass naturally and did the surgery. Now the one I have left, in my right kidney, is about twice the size, 10 mm, so once it leaves the kidney I will be in excruciating pain and into surgery immediately. I could probably do the soundwave treatment, but my doctor said it's only 60 percent effective and it leaves a lot of bruising. He said the operation was much more effective and relatively easy. After the first operation I know what to expect. I did have some minor complications the first 6 or so times urinating after the surgery. Where they put the stent it the pain would be intense as I passed urine, to the point where the nurse would run in and give me a shot. After the first day the pain subsided and the recovery was pretty easy, other than dealing with that darned string hanging out for a week. I have been having a lot of problems this past year concerning my kidneys and bladder. Three times this year I had to have a catheter put in and left in place for a week each time because I couldn't urinate. The urologist is mystified as to why it's happening. I have been scoped, had all my blood work done, had all my medications looked at, and he has no idea why this is happening to me. I don't know if they are connected or not, but it's disconcerting when a specialist in the field says he is "mystified". You would think he could at least tender a freaking guess!!! Daily I have problems, from having to go many times, to having trouble going at all. My prostrate is fine, normal sized. I have tried flomax, it doesn't help at all. Personally I think it has something to do with the fact I have had Lyme's Disease for over a decade, untreated, and it's affected areas of my brain that are responsible for this part of the body. I know it's affected my mood, memory, and many other things. Lyme's is a spirochete, the same as syphillis is, so it attacks the brain much the same way. I know it has cost me a whole host of problems. At this stage, with having had it so long, a couple months of antibiotics will not get rid of it completely, so it will just come back. Lyme's is very difficult to treat when it's chronic, I did my research. Don't believe the C.D.C. or most of the doctors, read the doctors who actually deal with those who have advanced long term cases, it's a nightmare to have and to get rid of. I went from being a multi sport all-star jock to being mostly bedridden in a decade and on disability, diagnosed with 8 different mental and physical problems that can all be tracked back to Lyme's.
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Thanks for the great information. I plan on getting Magnesium. It just so happens I also have been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and Anxiety. I wonder if having Lyme's Disease has anything to do with taking Magnesium out of my system. I plan on taking the pills and the spray on stuff. I have also read that calcium stones can be caused by the hypopituatary glands. Sometimes tumors in them can cause problems. These glands are close to the Adam's Apple. It so happens I chew tobacco, and have been having some bad soreness in that area, so I need to quit and get my throat checked out very soon. Thanks for you help.
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Hope you back up and about. Let me know how Magnesium works for you. Keep us posted.
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I plan on getting the Magnesium supplements after I get paid on the first. I will keep you updated on the progress of them. Right now I am battling what I think is developing into pneumonia in the left lung. A couple years ago, New Years day 2012 to be exact, I developed pneumonia in the same lung and it turned septic. I went into septic shock and almost died. Literally I was four or so hours from being dead, according to the doctor. Well, I was told that once it happens the likelihood of it happening again in the same are increases quite a bit, so I am watching this carefully. Last time, however, by the time I even knew I was sick it was almost too late. I have a feeling Monday I will be headed into the doctor's office, cause I got a bad feeling about this one. Take care, tony
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OH NO !!! How are you ?  Are you okay?
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