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Which doctor should I visit for my condition? nephrologist or urologist?

Hello all,
I have been dealing with my kidney stone issue for years. I am in regular contact with many doctors. They have diagnosed me with cystinuria Kidney stone. They advised me with many different treatment. Now I want to choose one doctor and stick my routine with his/her treatment. I want to be monitored by only one doctor to avoid further medical confusion. At this stage I don't have any big stone stuck in my bladder (no emergency situation). I am trying to prevent any upcoming complication and do check ups now and then. My questions is which doctor should I continue go to at this stage? nephrologist or urologist?
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Hello and welcome.  This is really a judgement call as both can treat kidney stones.  A nephrologist is probably more specific to the issue though.  

Any follow up from your original question?
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