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Will passing an 8mm bladder stone cause bleeding?

I had 4 hours of agony with a kidney stone passing through on my left side.    The pain stopped when it reached the area of the bladder.     I then developed a chronic pain in the groin area and reduced urine flow which went on for a couple of weeks.    Have not yet had the result of an x.ray to see if it had lodged in the bladder.     Today I passed blood and visited the doctor who has referred me to my consultant.   However the groin pain has no gone and my urine appears clear of blood and the flow is stronger than it has been for quite some time so I was wondering if all this might be the result of my stone passing through.    Did not feel any pain other than an increase in pain in the groin during the night.  
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8mm is too big. It will take a while to pass. You will feel extremely uncomfortable.
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Hello and welcome.  Did you have trouble passing the stone?  8mm is quite large.  Bleeding would be expected.  Can you share your outcome?
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