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ct scan for kidney stones

Hi i had a ct scan for kidney stones and the dosage was 149.69mgy.cm. Can you please tell me if that is a high dosage.
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This is a standard radiation dose for a CT scan, although many hospitals are now experimenting with lower dose and even ultra low dose protocols for stone CTs.  These are not quite as detailed as the standard dose scans, but deliver much less radiation and are particularly useful for following patients with known stones.  These ultra-low dose scans tend to be less useful in patients who are very thin or very overweight.
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I have two golf ball size cysts on my right kidney Dr. My family Dr. tells me they can't do nothing until one bursts, should I be concern. I have a skin rash on my skin on my right side on my tummy and it won't go away for the last 4 years. Pee stinks and sometimes it take long to pee that other times. Help. BigOne61
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