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is it kidney stones?

Im having pain around the kidney that transfers to either upper or lower abdomen and then sometimes into the bladder area.  Its on off and feels burny but at the moment is just being managed by painkillers.  I also have a on off pain in ny penis head but is ok when i pee.  Recently tested neg for chlaymdia and gohnarea so rulwd those out.  Went to walk in centre and the doc checked my pee no infection they said suspect maybe stones and to go back to my normal docs for follow up

Does it sound kike kidney stones or anything else?
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A CT scan of the abdomen is the definitive test for stones.  
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To add to that i had one nighr atand unprotected sex at new year whixlch is why i got checked for the common sti s.  Also dp have feeling of needing to wee more often and thay i have not finished at times after i have been and need to go very soon after bit only produce a dribble
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They are sending me for a scan but my concern is is it something sexually related - i think i am worrying myself by reading stuff off line and maybe over thinking it, its the pain in the penis that causes the concern and the timing after having unprotected sex
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