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kidney concerns

Hi my name is Kelli...I came across this from googeling some medical info and happen to scan through some replies and noticed your reply to an individual about high calcium levels...ok to make the story short...for years I have been struggling with stomach acid reflux..stomach infections...severe bladder infections..joint pain...headaches...dizzy spells..tired alot...thirsty...kidney pain..well i had no ins and was on a gov. health program and was able to see their doctors and come to find out i have stones in my kidneys that can never be passed nor removed..so labs were done and my calcium was high..sodium high..b12 low..they checked my thyroid and came back fine...so every yr they had me do a 24hr urine collection and labs and every result came back the same as above noted...but they couldn't figure out what was causing all this and all they ever did was the labs and always told they don't know what's wrong..so to this day i still have no answers and now im having female issues..my uterus is relapsed...im so frustrated and worried...i am also getting cyst 1 on each wrist and i think im getting one on my elbow cause it always hurts...would you have any opions on this? Thanks for your time
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When you say your calcium and sodium was high, I assume you mean they were high in your 24 hour urine collection.  This is a common finding in stone formers.  In the kidney, salt and calcium are co-transported, meaning they are pumped out into the urine together, therefore, when you have a diet high in sodium and your kidney is pumping that sodium (salt) out, calcium is pushed out as well as an innocent bystander.  The first piece of advice I would give you is to cut down the salt in your diet.  remember that it can be hidden in prepared foods, so you have to ask and pay attention to sodium content.  Your goal is 2000mg of sodium per day or less.  

If that doesn't work to bring down your urinary calcium, a medication like chlorthaladone or hydrochlorothiazide might be considered.

Finally, you should see a urologist to get rid of the stones.  Almost any stone is treatable these days, usually with minimally invasive methods.
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My heart also palpitates esp when its getting close to my menstrual cycle.
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My husband had stones in kidney. Till know it occurred three time.We are removing as it found but there no solution for this. can any one help us .thanks in advance!
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My calcium levels are always high no matter...i have done alot of research about parathyroid..and it fits me to the T...so as soon my benefits at my job take effect in Feburary..im going to get in to see an endocrynologist...thanks for your help and advice
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