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kidney stone

Does anyone know any herbal medicines could shrink kidney stone.
Like alhagi persarum or others?
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Some others in here could probably answer that question better than I can for you. I would imagine it might depend on what your stones are comprised of. Have you had any of your stones tested yet?
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Simon, I tried a lot of the stuff I saw online. Olive Oil , Lemon Juice (like 20 fricken Lemons) nothing "shrunk" it. Your urologist will tell you if it's "passable" or not and if you have any blockage. What did help me was sleeping on the opposite side of the stone those days I felt the best when I let gravity help . Set a timer for an hour and have 8oz glass of water ready and drink it, if you feel up to it work out. Dont sit around. If you're off pain meds beer works great (1-2 only) also don't force it. That's what hurt the most. When its ready it will pop out. Just dont get dehydrated and take your flomax on the regular. If you are on pain killers don't mix it with alcohol though, can cause stomach to bleed which is not good. Once you have one water is your best bet, IMO.
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I take Chanca Piedra. It's a Spanish herb. The meaning "stone crusher" don't know if it really helps but it's been 8 months since I've had a stone (knock on wood, I'll kick myself for typing this) I used to suffer from stones every month for the past two years.
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