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kidney stones confused

I was in the ER last night after a two week battle with what I thought was a UTI. It turns out I have 5 kidney stones. I am new to this. One is 3mm is long and was blocking 2/3 the way down. I was bloated, felt like I would vomit, and had extrem pain. after morphine. they sent me home. I was better and thought I had passed the stone until recently everything is returning in the same order as yesterday. I am scared and dont want to return to the ER they said 3mm was not that big but almost admitted me. I am a bit confussed and really not feeling well. I am also straining my urine witch is very thick, gell like, how do you find a stone in that, is that what I am looking for?
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Having had a 3mm stone myself, I can tell you that although small, they can hurt a lot.  Stones this size do usually pass on their own, so the standard treatment is to give pain medication and wait so as to avoid the need for a surgical procedure.  No one can predict WHEN the stone will pass.  It could be within hours or it could take weeks.  If the pain is unbearable despite medication, that is an indication for early surgery or admission to the hospital.

When the stone passes it will probably look like a little brownish or black rock.
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Thank you!! Aparently the stones I have do not x ray so they can not track the stone. It has been a week and a half and no stone. I simply can not keep missing work. They say perhaps surgery next week. Hopefully it will pass. Thank you for your time!
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