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kidney stones????

In the beginning of August i began to have pain in my vag/groin area, buttocks, and low back.  I also had pain off and on in my mid-back and lower right pelvis.  I also began to have pain in my left pelvis and stomach around the belly button area.  I had several cat scans and they found an ovarian cyst that was removed Dec. 26th.  I have been gradually get worse and more severe pain. The pain in the mid-back is now constant and varies in intensity from dull to very severe.  My left pelvis, left side of my belly button.  On Friday I had an episode that was the worst pain i have ever felt in my life.  I went to the e.r. where they gave me a shot for pain (which worked)  My blood pressure was 145/80 which is high for me usually 110/60. pulse was 130. I also have been getting a weird metallic taste in my mouth.  The doctor at the e.r. said he would not do a cat scan because i have already had many.  I told him maybe with that episode we could now see the stone but he refused.  My blood work came back - white blood count - 15.40.  My red blood cells were low - 3.97. Glucose was high at 111 and my calcium level was low at 8.4(barely low).  Right now i have a lot of pain in my buttocks, left stomach and pelvis, Mid-back and left side around to the back.  I think it is a kidney stone sounds just like it.  I also have trace amounts of blood in my urine and have had 3 urinary tract infections since august, but do not have one now. I don't know if i should just go to a bigger and better hospital.  Has anyone out there had kidney stones that did not show on cat scan????
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