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I been having pain in my left kidney area which is flanking over to front side. I went to ER 12/28/14, where they took blood and did a urinalysis as well. My potassium was low. They did not do a CT scan..even though my urine was clear. It still is hurting.
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If they did a urinealysis and found that your urine was clear (your words) then they probably meant that you had no blood in your urine and therefore you did not have a kidney stone. Usually with a kidney stone, although many times you can't see it with your naked eye, there will be blood in your urine. That is probably why they didn't do a Cat Scan, as they felt there wasn't a kidney stone causing your pain and problem.  
I know this is an old thread but you could not be more wrong.
I just recently was diagnosed with an 8mm stone in my ureter, half way between my kidney and bladder determained by an ultrasound despite clear urine (no infection or blood)
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