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kidney transplantation

please help me with my assignment........Tarun’s twin brother Varun has met with a serious accident and his chances of survival are minimal. Meanwhile Tarun himself is suffering from kidney failure. As his parent you have to make a crucial decision. Varun’s last wish before he lost consciousness was that his kidney be donated to his brother. The boys are fraternal twins. The doctors have confirmed that Varun’s kidney might save Tarun’s life. You need to discuss extensively with the doctors regarding all issues concerned in the case. Would you take Varun off life-support before he is officially declared dead? What are Tarun’s chances with Varun’s kidney? What could go wrong? What are the pros and cons of organ transplant? How will they go about the whole procedure? Subsequently you will research the topic, list out the pros and cons and then come to a decision based on your findings and your discussion with her doctor. Please don’t forget to take into consideration your financial situation and the success/ failure rates of the procedure, etc.
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