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one kidney and kidney stones

I had the worst pain of my life a few weeks ago...it turns out I have kidney stones. The pain was on my left side and wile I was at the doc I passed a stone. My doctor then sent me to get an x-ray done and wanted me to follow up with a urologist. The Urologist told me I had a bladder infection gave me meds and sent me in for a ultra sound as it appeared I had more stones. They did that and said that they my lft kidney appeared to be small. Then they sent me for a CT Scan. There the person that scanned me said he didn't really see a left kidney either but he didn't look close and my doctor would call me. My doc never called so I called him after a few days...I was scared! He had an assistant call me back to tell me my left kidney was basically non existant and that I had more stones? really? he couldn't even call for that? Didn't tell me to do a follow up appt or anything? I called back and made a follow up appt anyways as I needed answers to questions...do I need to do anything else for my 1 kidney? Why was the pain on my left side when I had the 1st kidney stones if my kidney is non existant? I am so tired anymore and having pain from my other stones now on the right side. please help should I be worried?
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Many people have one kidney and have a completely normal life.  In fact, on can survive with half of one kidney, provided it is working well.  If you have stones in your single functioning kidney, however, it is very important to clear them and to get dietary modification or medicine to prevent recurrence, since blockage of a single kidney means blockage of your total renal function.  

It sounds like you should find another urologist...
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