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right lower back pain

I have experiences kidney stone pain 2 times in my life time. I had the first one over 20 years ago and the second incident was 2 years ago. No recommendation by Urologist on suggested diet I need to consider. Hot pack is reducing nagging lower right back pain. Are there suggestions?
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Speaking of a heat pack, my last stone was horrible.  I tried to take a bath in hot water and had to get out .. the heat made things even worse.  As if 20 on a scale of 1-10 for pain wasn't bad enough!

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Hello kidneychick, Are you saying that because of your two experiences with kidney stones in the past that you are sure your lower right back pain now is a kidney stone or has a physician taken an X Ray or Cat Scan and seen a kidney stone? I'm just curious on how you can determine it's definitely a kidney stone causing your pain. I'll admit that the pain from a kidney stone is pretty bad, having had at least over 35 myself, but a heat pack doesn't even begin to help me with my pain from one. I need to take pain meds and most likely go to an ER for stronger pain killers to get through one. I guess that's why I'm asking if you know for sure it's a stone causing you the pain you now have.
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