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Excruciating knee pain

I recently had back surgery for a degenerative vertebra in my L4/L5 last Setpember.  I'm now 7 months out and have started having severe stabbing pain in my left knee.  I'm terrible at discribing where the pain is eminating from, but from what I can tell, it is focused on the inside, towards the middle of my knee.  While I am having discomfort in my right knew as well, it is not nearly as horrible as my left,  

I walk 2 miles a day 5 days a week per my Doctor's orders since my back surgery.  I have no pain walking, no pain while sitting, no pain in the car, no pain laying down,  The ONLY time this hits me is when I'm sitting down!  

It's weird.  I have had to out weight on my arms by placing them on a table or arm chair before I can start sitting,  The pain is still there, it's just tolerable enough to get my fanny on th seat!  I've tried other ways of getting into a sitting position, such as only placing weight  my right leg or holding my knees with my hands while going down,  The latter procedure not effective at all.  

This pain occurs morning, noon, or night... Does not seem to be selective as to what I am trying to sit on et el..commander, lawn chairs recliner, office chair, and is absolutely Excruciating!

I mentioned this problem to the NP at my last back surgery visit, but didn't get a rise out of her, so I moved on to the next subject,  I really don't want to go crying into the orthopedic surgeon with this, as I've just gotten over my back surgery and I'm still fusing...thus no NSAIDS, as it slows the fusion.  While my Ortho is a good friend, he's repaired my rotator cuff in 2013, fused my back in 2015 and I don't want to go in and get labeled a cry baby.....hehe.

Should I call the doctor?  Or am I nuts?  I'm 57 years old, not over weight and have no other physical issues.
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