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i had diarrhea cramps in stomach car sickness and my gastroenterologist advised me to avoid lactose(i did it) and he did a lactose blood test.I am waiting for test results. But i am confused, Last saturday i had a cup of milk and got diarrhea..In between i was careful and didn't eat anything dairy. I was dairy free all week but in saturday i ate a dish named P containing a big amount of milk and i got diarrhea.But now confusing part yesterday i ate the same dish P i drink a cup of milk and its almost 24 hours but i didn't get cramps or diarrhea or something like that whats goin on?
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Hey blueandpink.

Hmm, confusing for sure.
Why did you eat this  P dish  which contains a lot of milk-what is it anyway?- not once but twice and drink a cup of milk on top of it ?
Just curious why you went against your doctor's advice.

At any rate there must be other undetermined variables besides the
lactose suspicion.

Please read my previous post in this community for a simple self- test
you can try while you're waiting for your results.

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