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Controlling my Lactose intolerance

I just finally fond out that I have  Lactose intolerance six months ago.
What EMZYME do you use where do you buy them.
How many pills do you take? When do you take them?
Where do you store then?

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funny thing is pseudomonas is known to cause lactose intolerance.or sometimes other bacterial infections that cause an imbalance in the gut.you will need a very strong probiotic there is one that is more potent than any store bought pill form probiotic.it is called kefir milk.it contains 3 trillion cultures and 35 strains and they are all live cultures .sometimes we get the flu or an ear infection or a cold and it does our gut health in if it was caused by something bacterial.we might think we cleared it or maybe we did .but our gut didnt return to normal.there is a test that will show you the lactobacillus and ecoli,and bifido in your gut.these are the three main things .when you start having these issues i have found it to be very common that your lactobacillus gos almost to 0,and ecoli as well.bifido fairs a little better usually.but there is a product that will restore your beneficial ecoli .it is called mutaflor it can be orderd online this is important because this bacteria helps to fight off bad bacteria in the gut and it will create a environment for lactobacilluss to grow but you also need to fuel your good bacteria with lots of fiber for growth .
        i.e: vegetables.kefir ,and homade sauerkraut not storebought are great sources of probiotics that can be made at home very cheaply there are recipes online also one more product that will fuel probiotic growth is call megaspthings or.these thing are not just run of the mill supplements these are top rated they get results.you will see the difference good luck.

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