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Lactose Intolerance or is it the Milk Protein!

I was dianoised about a year of ago of being Lactose Intolerant. I changed my diet around and pretty much elminated my diet of dairy. And to be honest, getting away from dairy really made me feel great. But, I found my a nutritionist to help with my eating because I'm am already a small woman and I certainly didn't need to lose anymore weight. She told me several things. First,,it would be like a trial and error thing to find out what was killing my stomach. Was it the lactose, was it the milk protein in milk (whey, casein)! And those 2 are biggies in making my stomach hurt. So I was really confused as what to eat. Seems EVERYTHING has dairy, lactose, milk protein, nonfat milk and the list goes on. I was amazed when I would shop for food at the things you would NEVER guess had milk in them. So I started eating things that had milk in them. Seems the nonfat things didn't bother me. I could add milk to my soup when I ate it. I could eat sour cream. I started eating just a bite of ice cream sometimes (and A BITE for me was hard since I lived off icecream all my life). I tried Ensure and Boost and they always about kill me. But they have a ton of milk protein and stuff in them. Actually I was told neither were very good for people. I am a exercise freak so I stay with plant protein but want to try whey protein, but if some of you know what it's like to have a stomachache that has you lying in the floor you can understand why I get scared to try different things. If anyone out there has similar problems or can just tell me your story that would be great. If you have a cure all we would be RICH!! Thanks
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Have you tried lactose-free milk and ice cream?  Breyers vanilla flavor of the lactose free is amazing.  
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Hi there, sounds like your like me, allergic to the whole thing when it comes to milk. I am too.
Casinate whey proprionate ( which is milk salt)  
U really need to just avoid it.  Not worth feeling crappy.
There r some really great COMPLETELY NON DAIRY ICE CREAM LIKE deserts out there.
Don't bother with lactose free, just don't.
Watch your breads too, they almost ALL contain some form of dairy.
30 years ago they called coffee creamer s non dairy.
I bought some got d poo sick, so then I read the ingredients.
Whey and casein.  Casein and casinate r the same thing, milk protein.
When I called the company and complained about the label calling it non dairy, I was told
" the RD A consider it so far removed from the original milk product, that it could be called non dairy"
The laws are changing.
Yes, it's a bummer, but be thankful your dealing with it in this day and age.
It took a lot of work for us dairy reactive people and others with food allergies to even be HEARD!
I feel for you.
I'm tall and skinny.  56 yrs old.
Became allergic to dairy in my 20s after having a sinus infection and having to take a antibiotics.

Your body makes an enzyme called LACTASE, that's what breaks down dairy  
As u get older your body produces less of this enzyme.
Some ethnic races just can't digest it. Period.
Very common with Asian history
For myself, non of the pills or milks that have LACTASE in them helped at all.
It was just better to not eat anything that had any form of dairy derivative in it at all.
My thinking is clearer. My tummy never hurts. My skin is better.
Best of all I never get colds.
Dairy creates  mucus.
If u have kids that r always getting colds or ear infections, before u do ear tubes, get them ALL dairy.
Take care
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