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could this be a milk allergy?

I'm currently pregnant, and I receive Wic for bothme and my 1 and a half year old.  He gets whole milk and I get 1% milk.  I try to stick to the 1% but it always gives me a belly ache and gas, sometimes nausea.  But I can drink the same amount of the whole milk and it doesn't do that.  But if I drink too much whole milk it will.  But usually I stick to a glass in the morning and maybe a glass later on.  And evedytime the 1% milk gives me gas and a belly ache, but the whole milk doesn't even when drinking the same amount of whole as I do the 1% milk.  What could cause me to have the gas and belly ache sometimes nausea, with the 1% but not the whole milk?  When I eat ice cream it also gives me gas and a belly ache.  I love milk, especially chocolate milk, and I would hate to have to stop drinking it.  Is there something I should do or could do that could help out?  The Wic office won't change my milk unless my doctor said so and I'm still waiting for Medicaid so I can't see my doctor yet, so I wanted to see what others thought.  Any help/advice is appreciated.  
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To me it sounds like you have a lactose sensitivity. I can't tell you if you pregnancy is causing it or not.  For now I wouldn't drink milk I'd find other ways to get that calcium. I guess you could also try lactose free milk.  Maybe even mention it to a doctor and see what they say. Be sure to come back and update us on how you are doing.
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