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8 year old son with adhd but might have ld

My son was diagnosed with adhd 2 years ago but still struggles with school he was held back in grade one because he hadn't learned anything the first time he did grade one he didn't even recognize his own name in printing. I am trying to find out more about learning disabilities because I think he might have one. he's in grade 2 he's one year behind because he should be in grade three, he's working slightly below grade level and having a hard time with math reading and pretty much everything, he has been in speech therapy fine motor skill therapy and now doing language therapy he's on a waiting list fro fine motor again and he see a therapist because his teacher and resource worker thinks he has anxiety. he's very over emotional and I have documentation that the teacher gave me stating that he cant remember what he learned the day before we adhd a telesyke done and the doctor thinks that he has one, I am just wondering if its possible that the adhd is causing all these problems and making it look like a learning disability. He was a late talker he didn't talk till he was almost 4 years of age and that's when he started speech therapy. I just wanted to check because that's what people have been telling me that sometimes adhd kids have a harder time learning because of the adhd he is medicated he's on concerta 18mg we reduced it from 27 because he was having hallucinations and extremely under weight at almost 9 years old he weights 43 pounds. Now he's gaining weight no more hallucinations that I know of he was also having dizzy spells his eyes would go blurry and his head would pound not sure if it still happens as he hasn't mentioned it. I am looking into a learning disability test but just want to make sure im looking into the right things thank you
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When there are multiple concerns, like you describe with your child, it is very important to have a comprehensive psychological assessment done. This assessment will test for any developmental delays, will determine your child’s cognitive profile, memory, attention, will test for learning disabilities, communication problems, for any autistic traits, etc. It is also important that the assessment will look at anxiety and any emotional issues and make recommendations with regards to them. Make sure to discuss all of this with the psychologist prior to the assessment. ADHD alone cannot explain all the challenges your child is facing. There must be some additional issues that need to be identified. Then it will be clear what intervention is needed and what kind of educational program is most suitable for your son. I recommend doing this assessment as soon as possible, as early intervention is most effective.
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Dr. Tali Shenfield, C.Psych

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