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Cognitive Language problem

My son is 4.6 and is a lovely, well behaved, warm child. He was IUGR in the womb and was taken out at 37 weeks and 4 days, but he grew well once out.

He had mind/body crossover and is behind in his language skills. He's doing ok with the motor skills. He's still behind, but his progression is obvious, so I'm not so worried there. However his language skills are still far far behind. We have a bilingual household, which doesn't help things much.

Today he was evaluated by the main clinic for this sort of thing in my area and the doctor told me she thinks he has a cognitive language disorder. What does that mean exactly and how is it treated? I've been looking it up on the web and am not finding anything satisfactory.
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    the doctor was referring to either a receptive language disorder, expressive language disorder or 'mixed' receptive and expressive language disorder. Search on these terms, and you will find plenty of information. A great website to begin with is The American Speech Language Hearing Assoication's website www.asha.org  The American Academy of Pediatrics website also has 'Parent Pages' that can help you.

Given that he continues to have some significant developmental delays that may be related to his atypical growth rate during the pregnancy, you will want to seek a comprehensive assessment. Seek a referral for a pediatric neuropsychologist or psychologist who will do a formal test battery to learn more about his overall cognitive functioning. You will want to learn if there are other learning issues besides the language delays. You will also want the findings so that you can access early childhood intervention services (speech language therapy, occupational therapy etc.)

While being raised in a bilingual setting can temporarily slow language development, the current research has shown that there are far more cognitive gains than losses. If you are interested in bilingual children's learning, check out the book The Bilingual Edge by Allison Mackey.

Best Wishes
Rebecca Resnik
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