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Hepatitis b

Hi,There is no forum for hep b which is why I'm writing here. Bare with me.
I just turn 21 last month and have been hepatitis b reactive since 2009. I've done many test and they show undetected or I'm asked to keep doing more test and is even told by my doc that I'll have to wait for my viral load to be high before treatment. The problem is, these tests are extremely expensive taking up most of my time and money for my law degree. Not only that, I noticed for some time now, this bad smell from my nose that gives me extreme headaches, then it progressed to my mouth and now body. It smells rotten, like dead rat and I notice people avoid me now. Its humiliating and frankly I'm scared. I live in Nigeria where medical help is still relatively backward and my gasteologist even seem confused by my symptoms. Pls help me any way possible, I just want to go back to living my life.
I might add that the suppose causes of hep is not why I suspect I have it, I think the causes was from my stupid earlier acts of soaking detergents into suds and licking it. Though I've stopped now, I still think it's the cause.
Thanks for your help.
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Hello Kaka,
This sounds dreadful, and I hope your doctors can determine how to help you soon. I can not speak to the issues around Hep B, as I am a psychologist. I do know that you won't get a virus from laundry detergent ingestion, but this is certainly a potentially dangerous thing to do if the detergent contains toxic additives. Heb B is spread through body fluids. You can get it through contact with things contaminated with body fluids, such as dental equipment or needles. Some people eat things that are not food (a condition called Pica), and sometimes that includes laundry additives such as borax. I have no way of knowing what you may be ingesting, so I am relieved to hear you have been able to stop.

I could not speak to the medical possibilities regarding the smell you are experiencing. There are neurological conditions that can cause the experience of smells that are not there. If other people close to you can not smell the smell, I would encourage you to ask your physician if you can see a neurologist or psychiatrist to learn more about what is causing your experience.

Best wishes to you
Dr. Rebecca Resnik, Licensed Psychologist
Disclaimer: This post was written for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace face to face psychological or medical care.
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