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effects occcasional crack usage during pregnany

My son is almost 2 now and he is not talking, has behavioral issues, scared of new things, and is a very picky eater.  He qualified for an early intervention program and I hope that helps.  I thought the reason that h wasn't talking because of his hearing but we have checked that and it is fine.  He seems very smart to me but he has emotional issues like with new people,  and is very sensitive.  I was hoocked on crack before I concieved him but  I quit for a month before conceptoun ( wew did the ovulation tests)  and I was pregnat tre first month.  I relapsed on crack at the endof my first trimester,  I only smoked for a day or two , but then At four and a half month of my pregnancy,  I wanted a divorce and an abortion,  So I went and smoked a gain for a week straght ( about 6,000 $ worth)  and seeked help after that.  I stayed drug free since then and now am a great mother and wife and mother.  I was just wondering if his delays are b/c of me and what other steps I could so to help my angel.  I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.  Thank You
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Sometimes I believe even if things may not happen for a reason that they are oportunities to make us stronger. I was not the result of a drug addiction (though my mom did smoke tobacco some). She has long since quit and I am proud of her.

I don't know what caused my autism. I can think about this or that and what if, or I can come to accept myself for who I am. In I way, I believe that my autism has made me a stronger and better person than if I was born and dveloped so called "normal". I believe it has given me certain gifts along with the hardships. I would not want to be "cured" of my autism.

I hope you both find this helpful in some way or another.
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    sounds like you have been on a very hard road. That is excellent that you have obtained early intervention services for your son. Early intervention will help with the speech language delays and may include educational services such as a special education pre-school. Children who have been exposed to toxins during the pregnancy are at higher risk for learning and behavior problems, so you are wise to have ongoing evaluations with experts in child development. I would recommend you ask your pediatrician for a referral to a neuropsychologist or psychologist who is trained in neuropsychological assessment before your son enters kindergarten. A neuropsychologist can give you the best analysis of what your son needs to be successful in school.
       The best thing you can do for your son is to take care of yourself. Find a therapist who specializes in helping people recovering from addictions--often social workers or substance abuse counselors are just great at this work and more affordable than a psychologist. Just make sure the person has a license to provide treatment to people in recovery so you get someone with appropriate training to help you stay on track. Of course, as is the case with all mothers, keep your own head above water, or you won't be able to support your little one. Addiction changes the brain's physiology, so you are going to have an ongoing battle to keep yourself substance free. Even more than most moms, self-care is very critical for you!

Best Wishes
Rebecca Resnik
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I have been through what you are going through . My children are 6 and 9. I took paxil when i was pregnant with my oldest son and he has several issues, motor delay, aspergers and learning disibilities and towards the end of nursing my youngest son i was on methadone, i had been in recovery for a while but the meds they gave me after delivery woke up that addiction, so i got on methadone, mow my youngest son does well in school and is not showing signs of motor delay

I blamed myself for a long time, well i am not going to lie, sometimes i still blame myself
the truth is this, yes my drug use has affected my children, but each day i stay clean i know that i am giving my boys the life they deserve
at this point in my life i try to focus on being the best parent i can be, who knows if the aspergers was from paxil, genetic, or booster shoots, the only thing that matters is that i am here for my children and that they hopefully will never see me use drugs.
i need to turn in for the night
please feel free to ask me any questions, remember that i am not a doctor, not even close but i know what you are going through
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thats awesome stuff!!
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