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learning difficulties

Just got physcholigist report saying my 3yr old has borderline-mild learning difficulties. Also problem with sensory processing. And fine motor skills what does this all mean
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Since I do not know what measures your psychologist used or what the scores were, its hard for me to say much about what the results will mean for you and your child. It is the responsibility of your psychologist to help you understand your child's needs and what you should do to help him or her. From what your question says, it sounds like you did not get to sit down and discuss the findings face to face? It is important that your psychologist help you if you did not understand the report. Ideally, he/ she should sit down with you and explain it, as well as offer a list of recommendations for what your next steps should be. You can call to request a face to face feedback session or phone call.

From what you are saying, it sounds like your child has some developmental delays that could benefit from early intervention therapies. Your local school system will have an early childhood division (try looking on the Office of Special Education website or Infants and Toddlers division). They offer early intervention therapies free of charge, sometimes even in your own home. If your psychologist does not review the test findings with you, then hopefully someone who works for your school system will. Your local pediatric hospital can also be a great resource for finding early childhood therapists who will be able to take your insurance.

Once you get connected with these resources, you and your child will have a team of clinicians who are dedicated to helping him/her progress!

Best wishes
Disclaimer: This post was written for information purposes only. It is never intended to replace face to face psychological or medical care.

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