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teenager scribbles thoughts

i have a question that i would relly appreciate if gets an answer. My younger sibling clearly has self esteem issues and seems to be burning wth passion. currently she is living with me but before she was living with her dad. It seems to me as if she was very much sexually active while living around her dad. now when she is living with me she does not have the oppurtunity to do those things. Today when i was looking in a study book of hers, i noiced a list (9) of male names that she scribble at the back of it. she also assigned a number to each person but not in any particular order. she even went as far as categorizing 2 of them. she wrote LOVE beside 1 persons name and FIRST LOVE  beside another persons name. WHAT COULD BE HAPPENING TO HER? what could be the reason y she sat and wrote down 9 male names? i would appreciate it if someone replies to me. thanks in advance.
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Dear Dkalcey,
First, let me point out that your question is not related to the topic of this forum, which is learning disabilities. Nevertheless, I can ensure you that there is nothing wrong with your younger sister, the behavior your describe is quite natural for teenage girls or young adults. Think of her note as a mini-diary, most adolescents have one. While you may not be able to decipher the meaning of the numbers, the general idea of the note is quite clear. You obviously care about your younger sister and assumed parental role with her, yet I would strongly advise you against going through her personal items - it is guaranteed to damage your relationships, if discovered.
Best Regards,

Dr. Tali Shenfield
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Thanks Dr. Shenfield but the book was not a dairy and i was not going through her stuff. its a book that i give to her to complete activities. therefore whenever she is through with the book she always returns it to me. so upon her returning it to me, i saw the scribble.
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