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Acute Leukemia and Alcohol

My friend died today from Acute Leukemia. He was in his early 40's. He had flu symptoms all week and could barely get out of bed. Friday he wasn't feeling to good and complained of Nausea. His Wife went out to get some meds and electrolytes (Gatorade) and we she got back he was found collapsed in the bathroom. It took 30 minutes for Paramedics to arrive and when he got to the hospital he was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and was in a Coma. The Doctors and Surgeons decided he would make it on the operating table. This morning I received one of the worst calls ever telling me was brain dead. I raced down there and was able to attend his Last Rites Prayer Service- Something I hope not go through anytime soon. It was extremely painful. He was taken off Life Support at 1:15pm.
My question is what could cause such a Massive brain Hemorrhage in the span of 24 hours? He was also a man who struggled with Alcohol his entire Adult life. He was a major drinker especially when the weekends came. I would like to know if this was a contributing factor and again how can this take a relatively healthy man's life so quickly. I need to better understand how this can happen. This has been a tough day.


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