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Blood Tests and Lymphoma?

My physician has been concerned with my symptoms, and referred me to a hematologist/oncologist in worry of a possible lymphoma. I have had a 2cm palpable lymph node on my neck (posterior cervical) for over a year. It seems to be slightly waxing and waning. I have several smaller ones about the size of a pea also located in my neck, and a recent one in my groin. In the past 3 months, I started to notice other concerning symptoms; persistent low grade fever with spikes of high fevers (99.5-101.8), terrible night sweats, rashes and severe itching (especially at night, in a hot bath, or anytime I am running a high fever or hot), 13lb weight loss in the last 3 weeks, (this is over 10% of my original body weight), chest pains and a mild cough along with breathlessness, loss of appetite, bone pains, and extreme, overwhelming fatigue. All of my symptoms have been developing over these past 3 months, as well as progressively getting worse.

I have been to several doctors and specialists but I haven't gotten any answers. My physician has done multiple labs, and has checked everything that he could think of. I have been referred to a rheumatologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist (I have had Celiac Disease my whole life, but it is inactive during this time), and a hematologist/oncologist. None of the specialists are concerned. Yesterday was my first hematology appointment. They said they weren't concerned with lymphoma because "it would show up in a CBC and other blood tests." However, they proceeded to do another CBC just to have it on record, and it came back abnormal. My CBC's have been normal in recent past, but yesterday there were some unusual abnormalities (high wbc, but normal rbc and platelets). When the hematologist saw that there were abnormalities, he said he wasn't concerned. From extensive testing, we know that I don't have an acute infection that would raise my wbc. I have had mono in the past; I tested positive for that prior to my Celiac diagnosis years ago. So with no acute infection and a randomly abnormal CBC, how could any doctor not investigate further, ESPECIALLY considering my concerning symptoms and risk factors???? So let us get this straight. The hematologist said that he would only be really considering lymphoma if my counts were abnormal, but he wasn't the least bit alarmed when they came back abnormal. Everyday my symptoms are progressively getting worse. I do have another appointment with the hematologist next week, as well as an appointment with a new gastroenterologist hopefully sometime next week too.

I have had a routine chest X-ray 5 months ago which was before any of my symptoms (was normal), an abdominal X-ray recently (which showed some shading; the doctor said I was probably just constipated), and abdominal ultrasound recently (which is normal), and various & extensive blood testing.

My physician wants an abdominal MRI and a chest X-ray, but the hematologist says that they are both unnecessary. I don't feel like it is their call to make, especially because of their contradicting point of view.

For anyone who has been or knows someone who was diagnosed with Lymphoma, what testing/imaging was done on you/them? Or if anyone has any information on how Lymphoma has/has not affected yours/their blood work. I have heard that it is rare for Lymphoma to show up on blood work.
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Also, if anyone has any advice or ideas about my situation, please PLEASE feel free to help. At this point, any information would be helpful.
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Hi, for starters: I'd say that you are correct in everything you've written.

I kept expecting to read the results of your sonogram, but that apparently was not done? Why not?

You'd only get decreased blood cell counts when lymphoma invades the marrow.
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