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Do The Symptoms Fit Lymphoma?

Since about two weeks ago, I started feeling aching in the armpit area (where the breast meets the armpit mainly) and under chin and different spots around neck/clavicle and arms where the lymph nodes would be in the forearm area, and also the wrists.

My lymph nodes in my neck (the ones underneath my jaw) feel swollen and bigger than "normal", but when I look in the mirror I don't see any lumps protruding. The swollen feeling makes me feel like my throat and upper chest feel very constricted. I still have aching in the armpits at times where if I massage that area it feels sore. I can get these enflamed, tingling, prickly sensations in the armpit area that extends to my upper chest and arms. Also have felt fatigued at times, and had stiff neck and stiff shoulder muscles.

I went to the doctor and he felt for any lumps in my armpits, neck and groin and did not find any. I took a CBC test and everything was normal. He felt that it's just a viral infection if anything.

I can get anxious about my health but the sore armpits have really been bothering me, but without any lumps can I rule out lymphoma?
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Forgot to mention... I've had no fever, chills, or loss of weight either.
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Hi there and welcome.  I can't say for sure that you do or don't have lymphoma, but I can tell you that pain is not usually a symptom of lymphoma.  Typically, the first sign of lymphoma is swelling of lymph nodes, usually in the neck, collar bone area, groin or armpits.  However, we posess many lymph nodes all over our bodies and any of them are suceptable.  And, as you mentioned, fever, night sweats and weight loss are also symptoms that often show up with more advanced disease.  

My guess is you have some kind of infection brewing, and possibly your nodes sit deep under your skin making it difficult to palpate.  With infection, your nodes "stock up" on white blood cells (WBC's) in order to combat infection.  The nodes swell and often can cause pain.  

If your symptoms persist for more than a couple of weeks you should probably see your doctor again.  He may be willing to do blood work or try antibiotics.
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Hi Mocha,
     Thanks for your reply. My neck lymph nodes under my jaw have been swollen and not painful, but they aren't hard as a rock and not so swollen that they are visibly protruding out, but I can tell that they are swollen by feeling them and because it causes my throat to feel constricted and my ears start getting plugged. But the swollen feeling isn't always constant either...some days and times it doesn't feel as swollen as others, and it's similar with my armpit area. Sometimes they feel extremely sore when I press on them and that feeling of soreness and pulsation can radiate out to my arms, but then other times it feels just a little sore or none at all, or only one side might be sore like it is right now. Same with my collarbone, shoulders, and back of neck area. Last night for example, my neck and shoulder muscles felt really tight and I felt tired and didn't feel that sharp, my left armpit area was really sore, my neck lymph nodes were swollen, my collarbone area felt prickly and constricted, my ears felt plugged, and I had a slight headache. This morning not as bad.

I did go to my pcp and he gave me the standard answer of it probably just being a viral infection, but it's frustrating since I've never had symptoms like this before that have lasted this long for 2 weeks. Plus, my WBC count is not elevated and right in the middle of the normal range. And everything else with my blood is normal. Negative for monospot test as well. I don't know what kind of viral infection this is when my CBC test is all normal and have no fever or sore throat.
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Hello!  I'm wondering if you've made any further ground as to what's ailing you?  I am curious because almost everything you've described, is something that I'm currently experiencing.  I too have some swollen nodes in my neck.  They're all pretty evenly distributed, on both sides. I also experience neck tension, a sensation that there's something I can't swallow or clear, no fever, very mild sore throat, headaches, and swollen groin area nodes.  I just recently was given meds for what my doctor believed to be strep... but now the white patchy stuff in my throat is gone, and I still have the other symptoms.  I'm scheduled to see my ENT on monday.  But as you know... it's kinda comforting when you find someone who's got most of the same symptoms as you do, and they have an idea of why.  Hope you're much better now!  since it was March when you last posted.  
Did you ever get a diagnosis? I have similar symptoms, I am waiting for my ENT appt. #scared
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has anyone contacted you from these post to see what the status is, i am experiencing most of the same symptoms and have no clue what is going on.
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any luck with a diagnoses?
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I too am experiencing almost all of these  symptoms with no definite answers from Doctors . With this post being nearly 2 years ago has anyone had any progress or diagnoses of treatment ? I am so frustrated and I feel like I'm being viewed as a hypochondriac! And I refuse to take another antibiotic or steroid pack!
Would appreciate any helpful comments or guidance to find the right medical  professional and treatment .
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"white patchy stuff in my throat"
sounds like thrush (candida yeast/fungus), which can actually be made worse with. But I'd expect ant GP to be able to recognize thrush.

ear canals swelling, probably histamine

throat swelling, possibly histamine, also look into Eosinophilic Esophagitis - which is an emerging disease and so a lot of doctors aren't familiar yet.

Possibly due to food allergies, and has a genetic component..
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Are your symptoms unilateral? If so, you may want to look into possible obstructions as the culprit to your swollen lymph nodes in the neck and jaw area. If it's accompanied by neck, shoulder and chest/clavicle stiffness and a dull, constant ache in these areas and the jaw, I would look into the possibility of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), which can cause changes in the musculature and mobility and changes to the muscle fibers (fibrosis) overtime and affect the blood flow to the lymphatic system and clearance of lymphatic fluids can be hinders by compression in the thoracic outlet area. If you think that your symptoms line-up with TOS, I would start with a full color Doppler ultrasound and B-scan ultrasound following the TOS protocol which places you into various positions to detect changes in blood-flow and pulse rate. Make sure that you have this done by a competent technician that is familiar with the TOS protocol.
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Any word on this? I have lots of the same symptoms so scared
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