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Extremely worried about swollen lymph nodes?

So, I am 19 years old and in college and about twelve weeks ago I had sex with someone I didn't know and the condom broke... you could imagine all the stress I've been through. During the course of these past weeks, I have tested negative for HIV with 4th generation tests and RNA tests, so I stopped worried about that. Three weeks after the encounter I started feeling weird, I noticed I was kinda tired and felt like staying in bed all day even though my temperature readings never went over 99.0 F. I got extremely worried though when five weeks after the encounter I noticed that my lymph nodes on my neck and under my jaw were swollen overnight... and they have been swollen for the past seven weeks. A week after that I finally decided to go the GP, and she told me that they were swollen and she sent me home with a course of antibiotics and an antinfungal pill cause I thought my tongue was white... but she wanted to run some tests: she ordered a bunch of blood tests like cytomegalovirus, CBC, mononucleosis, HIV and also X-rays. She told me to come in a week after that to discuss the results. I went back and she told me that everything was clear but there test for mono came back positive but she couldn't tell me if it was recent or from my childhood and I don't remember ever having mono but who knows... I told my dad about it (who is a doctor) and he told me not to worry about it and that if I want we can go to the specialist back home after finals are done for peace of mind. My swollen lymph nodes are still swollen, they hurt when I push them and I can play or move them around when I put my neck down and feel them through my skin. My back has also been hurting but that may be from the sleepless nights and anxiety I guess.

I've been seen a therapist and she has helped but I am still incredibly scared because I am only 19 years old and I know Hodgkin's lymphoma is common in my age group... at this point, I don't know what to think but I just want to know if I should pursue this or just leave it like that... The GP told me not to worry about it at all and that I can sleep now cause it would've shown in the blood tests.

I don't really know what to think and would appreciate any help cause this has been driving me insane. Nodes are still swollen.
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Hi, there's no reason to suspect lymphoma - especially since the nodes enlarged overnight.

If it's not some STD then you'd probably want to think about how extreme srress can weaken immunity and leave you open to ordinary viruses that can then cause bad symptoms of many kinds.

Good luck.
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