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Help and advice needed re my daughter aged 5

Hello all

within the last 9 months my daughter has had several lypmh node issues first started off as groin, she had 2 large swellings and after 2 weeks fluid was drained from behind 2 lymph nodes each side they were left to heal inside to out without stitches.... they do not know why this happened. She was very poorly, pale, glassy eyed, continous clear fluid running from nose, always complaining of belly ache. Very emotional easily upset, very lathargic, sleepless nights, bed wetting.  Since having 3 operations 7-9 months ago ( they operated on the lymph nodes 3 times ) she has had same issues, as explained above less the groin swellings but now has lymph nodes swollen in her cervical (neck)  area each side with the right being more then the left.... from top to bottom.... she has no apparent throat infection however she has been treated with anti-biotics but still has the swellings, she was reffered to an ENT specialist who said he feels its not tonsilitus as she doesnt have the symptoms but is going to remove her tonsils and he feels they are chronically inflamed.... he said she could also have swollen lymph nodes in her tummy hence why she always complains of tummy ache.... im worried that this could be lymphoma as ive never seen a child have 4 operations on lymph nodes within a year she is only 5.  

Can someone give me advice about this, help me in what to do or say to the doctors, as i feel for my daughter whos ill every few days, whos always emotional, always pale, and now always wetting her bed at night.

Thanks :(
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