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Hetergeneous Lymph Node

Hi all,

Back in July, I had an ultrasound done to rule out lymphoma due to enlarged lymph nodes in neck/armpit. The armpit ultrasound showed a 2.4cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm lymph node. It still had intact hillum, but the mantle zone was thickened.

I had a biopsy in August, but it was inconclusive. My doctor decided to wait 6 months for an U/S.

I just got the results back and the report said that there were no lymph nodes seen. My doctor and I were both confused because we saw the images ourselves and it clearly showed a lymph node that was highlighted with measurements. Also we had the radiologist worksheet, which said "Lymph node found in right axillae is 2.5cm x 0.7cm x 0.8cm. Node appears to be heterogeneous.". My doctor has asked the radiologist to recheck the images and produce a new report.

I'm confused, why would the radiologist put that on their worksheet if it was not there. Also, even an untrained eye could see the highlighted lymph node on the screen. Also, does anybody know what heterogeneous lymph node means? I know what hillum means, but not that.

Thanks.  :)
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